Richland Police Department launches new crime fighting website
Source: - Jane Sander Reporter

RICHLAND, Wash.-- The Richland Police Department is going high-tech as they work to crack down on crime and they want to get the community involved. [More]

Web helps police fight crime
Source: Tri-City Herald by Paula Horton

Businesses in Richland having problems with shoplifters or fraudulent transactions can soon log onto a new website launched by Richland police and share details with other businesses.Richland Police Chief Chris Skinner unveiled Richland Shield on Tuesday, calling it a private-public partnership that takes advantage of technology to help bring the community together."It's an online collaboration tool that is unique to the area and unique to the state," Skinner said. [More]

Welcome to the Richland Shield!

The Richland Police Department fully understands that it's mission of safety and service can only be achieved with the help of the community. Richland Shield is a private public partnership that leverages current technology to better connect our community and share information. Neighborhoods, retail business, and law enforcement will have a platform by which they can share information about the challenges we all face in the City of Richland. This collaboration tool allows us all to bridge the communication gap that is so essential to the reduction in crime and enhanced livability. Please take a moment and become a member of Richland Shield and get connected to your community today.


Chief Chris Skinner

A Public / Private Partnership - Why Join?

The Richland Shield is comprised of:

  • Home Owner Associations
  • Block Watch Programs
  • Security managers
  • Educational facilities
  • Transportation partners
  • Local Law Enforcement

Richland Shield uses a secure internet-based website to send out alerts to partners in the program. By sharing this information in a timely manner and mapping the alerts citizens, Law Enforcement and business partners can all use technology to work together to address our communities safety problems.

Another benefit of the program is the opportunity to network with others within the community with similar concerns.

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